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Tandem Motion is a workforce strategy consulting firm helping organizations align workforce objectives with the business strategy to create environments where people can do their best work.

Common Client Situations

  1. Workforce Growth

    Workforce Growth

    You need to identify what people you need to support the growth of the organization. We help you gain clarity and alignment to determine the most valuable work, the competencies required, and gaps in workforce alignment and proficiency.

  2. Workforce Optimization

    Workforce Optimization

    You are considering restructuring your organization to maximize the impact of your people. We help you identify process inefficiencies and optimize your organizational structure to align your people with the most valuable work.

  3. M&A


    You need to bring different workforce populations together. We help you understand the similarities and differences in culture, work performed, and levels of proficiency so you can make strategic workforce decisions.


Your people are critical to achieving your business objectives. Our service offerings are designed to help organizations drive business results through their people.

Our Approach

We do our best work with clients who care about their people, want to learn, and are willing to partner to create a more effective work environment. Our clients benefit from our transparent conversations, our commitment to co-create across the workforce, and our experience and expertise. As a result of our combined efforts, people are aligned to perform the work most valuable to meeting organizational objectives.


We initiate transparent, tough conversations with our clients to challenge them to think differently and transform the way they work.


We invite representatives across the workforce to be a part of co-creating the future of work so we can collectively generate the best ideas for the organization.

Experience & Expertise

We take our experience working with Fortune 100 companies and integrate that knowledge into the creation of customized solutions for every client.

Cara Griffith, Principal

What Clients Are Saying

  • "Cara is an excellent collaborator, partner, and thought leader. She brought high energy to our team and had the right skill set to foster innovation while ensuring inclusivity. Cara has the unique ability to facilitate tough conversations, encourage different thoughts and opinions, and drive her clients to the best decisions for the team and organization. I would highly recommend Cara to any organization undergoing a significant change."
    Maureen Signor
    Chief of Staff, Office of the Senior Vice President, Government and Regulatory Affairs and Public Policy
    Exelon Corporation

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