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Organizational Design

Establish role clarity so that your people know how to contribute most effectively to the success of the organization.

80% of employees don’t know how they can best contribute to their employer’s success.

David Lee, "Two Things You Must Do to Align Employees with Your Strategic Goals," Human Capital Institute, March 16, 2015

We collaborate with representatives across the organization to design activities, roles, jobs, team structure, and workforce processes that support the business strategy.

Individuals perform best when they understand their role, the roles of their team members, and how each role contributes to the organization's objectives. Without the clarity of expectations that comes out of the organizational design process, individuals don't know how to best support the business strategy, and confusion and mismatched expectations can harm a team's effectiveness. Using organizational design to create clarity, we empower the workforce to contribute effectively to the organization's goals.

Highlighted Case Study

Building Scalable Teams to Meet Changing Demand

Author: Cara Griffith


A Fortune 100 utility company wanted to increase continuity and reduce vendor costs associated with outsourcing by developing internal expertise for important functional activities. Since external resources had been used to perform the function, the organization needed to create new internal roles, responsibilities, structure, and governance. A new curriculum would need to be developed to ensure the new hires would be able to perform the work in line with the organization's requirements for consistency and quality.


Using an established framework, we worked with the client to organize activities into roles and jobs. We designed the new function to scale as demand for services increased and decreased. We developed a standardized curriculum to provide the new function with a repository of templates which they could customize to meet the unique requirements of new projects.


The company was able to scale the department successfully. When demand for the function increased, the team would operate as relationship managers and bring in other support resources across the company to assist with implementation. The standardized curriculum allowed anyone in the new function to understand the work that needed to be completed and lead the implementation. The new function brought consistency in quality and experience to its work with the rest of the organization allowing it to end its reliance on outside vendors.

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