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Change Strategy

Help the workforce understand the importance of their role in bringing about strategic change.

A project is 91% likely to meet business objectives if dedicated change management resources are in place.

"Best Practices in Change Management – 2018 Edition," Prosci, 2018

We equip leaders and managers to support the workforce in adopting the changes required to position the organization for success.

Without an effective strategy, change can lead to confusion and resistance that undermines the effectiveness of the workforce and may ultimately lead to the initiative's failure. We work with leaders and managers to mitigate the risks and challenges of change through clear and consistent communication and proactive support to impacted stakeholders.

Highlighted Case Study

Affecting Change by Reaching Influencers

Author: Cara Griffith


A Fortune Global 500 pharmaceutical company needed to increase the level of engagement medical professionals had with its salespeople. Their technology team had built a digital engagement platform to improve communication between their salespeople and customers, but the organization was struggling to get their salespeople to adopt the new system.


We interviewed leaders of the sales teams and asked them to identify their most influential people. We conducted one-on-one interviews with these influencers to understand the perceptions the sales representatives had about the changes. We used this information to develop a roadmap and supporting materials for each influential person on the sales team and to equip the organization’s leadership and department managers with key talking points to encourage the behavior change.


Adopting the new software and procedures enabled the sales team to increase their sales volume. Using the roadmap and supporting materials, the organization successfully implemented the change strategy. The influencers led the way in demonstrating their support for the change with the visible support of their leaders and managers. Other members of the sales team soon followed. Even the most resistant salespeople quickly adapted once they learned their colleagues were exceeding their sales targets with the help of the new system.

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